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Cybersecurity Assessment


1. Does your company have a password policy?
  • Do not require password expiration
  • 12 Character Minimum
  • Password History Remembered
  • Complexity Required
  • Admin required to unlock
2. Does your company require MFA (Multifactor Authentication)?
  • A any cloud access (QuickBooks, Salesforce, etc.)
  • Access to backups
  • For any remote access
  • Any critical information
  • Software or Hardware Authenticators NOT SMS (Text Messaging).
  • Now required by ALL Cyber Insurance Carriers.
3. Does your company restrict Local Admin Rights?
  • Prevents many types of malware and ransomware attacks from starting. We recommend separate local admin accounts that are used as needed. I.e., User_admin@abc.com and not giving local admin rights to accounts used daily
4. Does Your Company have a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan?
  • Off-site backups of servers – prevent ransomware from encrypting backups
  • Backup of Office 365\Google accounts
    • Both Microsoft and Google do not back up your account
    • There is only 90 Days of Retention
  • Backup Sync of Local PCs with One Drive
5. Have You Installed an Email Security Gateway?
  • Inspects email for malicious content before it reaches corporate systems
  • Scans all outbound mails
6. Does Your Company Use Computer Encryption at Rest?
7. Has Your Company Moved to Next-Generation Antivirus?
8. Do You Implement Threat protection and content filtering?
  • endpoints from opening malware-infected sites
  • viewing of inappropriate content
9. Does Your Company Provide Security Awareness Training to Employees?
  • Reduces risks of cyber attacks
  • Creates a culture of security compliance
  • Includes automated reminder emails and reports of end-user participation
  • Required by most Cyber Insurance companies
10. Does Your Company Have an MDR (Managed Detection and Response Protocol?
  • Monitors Endpoints and Network
  • Monitoring Office 365/SALESFORCE/DROPBOX activity
  • The MAJORITY of breaches occur through email
  • Recommended by most Cyber Insurance companies
11. Does Your Company Regularly do Vulnerability Scanning?
  • Monitors our networks, systems, and applications for security vulnerabilities
  • Monitors systems beyond standard computer/servers
    • IP Cameras
    • Payroll Time Clocks
    • Industrial Equipment
  • Recommended by most Cyber Insurance Companies for office or warehouse-based organizations.
12. Does Your Organization Have a Cyber Incident Response Plan?
  • Detection, Reporting, and Analysis
  • Legal & Forensics
  • Containment, Eradication, and Recovery
  • Other Responses (i.e. Public Relations)
  • Post-Incident Review
Total Score 0
0-50You need to review your IT procedures as you are at risk
51-80 PointsYou are on your way, but have a number of gaps to fill to be safe and compliant
81-120 PointsOnly a few items away from being as safe as possible, and complaint for Cyber Insurance

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