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As a local, privately-owned small business ourselves, we understand how important effective, on-time IT solutions are in keeping your business vigorous and growing. We are dedicated to helping our clients grow their businesses by delivering customized IT solutions that increase productivity, decrease risk, and provide measurable value.

Cybersecurity Risk & Compliance

Manage Risk | Mitigate Threats | Maintain Compliance

Just like cybersecurity implementation extends beyond software and hardware, Link High Technologies goes beyond traditional IT services.

We work closely with our regulated clients to help them achieve and maintain compliance through a combination of technical, physical, and administrative security controls.

The Road to Compliance

We begin by conducting a risk and vulnerability assessment. Then we prioritize remediation efforts based on risk exposure. From there, Link High will work with your organization to build a compliance roadmap based on industry-specific requirements.

Common Security Control Requirements

Application & Data Access Restrictions
Fixing Network Slows
Providing Secure VPNs
Managing Firewalls or Servers
Introducing BYOD Security Policies
Securing Your Network & PCs
Navigating Cloud Migration
Keeping up with HIPPA Regulations
And More!
Link High offers both custom and turn-key compliance solutions to assist your organization with achieving HIPAA, NIST or 23 NYCRR 500 regulatory requirements.

Risk Assessment

In addition to satisfying regulatory requirements for your industry, risk assessments are a vital step in understanding your organization’s risk exposure so that you can develop an effective information security program.

Link High Technologies’ approach to Information Systems Risk Assessment is comprised of 3 components.
Identifying threats to your organization
Determining the likelihood of a threat occurring
Defining the impact of a threat on your organization

Our certified information systems security professionals use best-in-breed tools to analyze all facets of your organization’s technology environment. We then provide you with a wide range of reports to help you determine the logical next steps for managing and eliminating risk in your organization.

Threat Mitigation

Firewall, anti-malware, and anti-virus software work to protect your data from intruders. They aren’t infallible, but this “defense in depth” strategy is the best way to prevent an outside agent from entering your network and accessing your data.

Link High can help your organization implement a defense of in-depth cybersecurity strategy as a turn-key solution or a la carte products and services including:
Firewalls with intrusion prevention
Intrusion Detection
Security Information and Event Management
24/7 Security Operations Center Monitoring
Learn more about how Link High can help you mitigate threats and risks to your business.


Maintaining compliance with industry regulatory requirements doesn’t have to be complicated but new requirements and constant changes to existing regulations can make it nearly impossible for the average SMB to keep up.

Link High has the resources and expertise to help your organization navigate regulatory requirements such as:
23 NYCRR 500
DFARS (NIST 800-171)
And More!

With an increasing number of regulations coming from sources at the federal, state, and industry levels, SMBs can have trouble keeping track of them all – much less maintaining compliance.

Let Link High focus on regulatory compliance so that your team can focus on managing your business and you can have peace of mind that everything is taken care of.
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