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As a local, privately-owned small business ourselves, we understand how important effective, on-time IT solutions are in keeping your business vigorous and growing. We are dedicated to helping our clients grow their businesses by delivering customized IT solutions that increase productivity, decrease risk, and provide measurable value.

We Are Business Cybersecurity Experts

Your business needs cybersecurity, but it’s hard to know everything that entails.

  • If you’re a small businesses you need end-to-end security on your network devices, servers, and PCs.
  • If you’re a larger business with multiple locations and mobile workers, you need secure WANs, secure VPNs, and BYOD security.
  • And if you run a professional practice like a doctor’s office or medical clinic, you have to meet HIPAA requirements on top of all that.

Link High understands the cybersecurity needs to SMBs and we provide the services to help you stay secure.

Why is it Important to Have a New Jersey-Based Cybersecurity Provider?

Hackers can attack your network from anywhere in the world.

Most cybersecurity companies can provide general network security for HIPAA compliance, but Link High’s 25 years of experience working with New Jersey businesses and the State of New Jersey’s compliance offices gives us a depth of knowledge and experience that only comes with putting in the time with New Jersey businesses.

If you run a medical practice in Morris Plains, Berkeley Heights, or Summit, you need an IT security provider who understands the New Jersey Department of Health’s Electronic Health Records (EHR) regulations around storage and transmission of EHRs.

If you’re a bank or credit union in Newark, Jersey City, or Paterson, it’s important to you that your IT security provider understand the implications of the New Jersey Identity Theft Prevention Act to your IT infrastructure.

If you’re ready to have an experienced New Jersey IT security provider help you get your IT secure and in compliance with New Jersey IT regulations, contact the New Jersey cybersecurity specialists at Link High today.

Industries Served

Powerful cybersecurity for institutions

Want to learn more about how working with a local Cybersecurity Provider like Link High can help you get your IT secure and compliant with Federal and New Jersey state regulations? Let’s talk about your cybersecurity today.

Looking for New Jersey IT Support Services

Simplify Auditing & Reporting

Centralized management makes everything easier and more efficient. We deliver regulatory-approved IT infrastructure, policies, procedures, controls, and reports to most effectively use your internal IT resources.

Maximize Uptime

Downtime and disruptions can be catastrophic when it comes to shattering loyalty and trust. We’ll safely host your in our fully redundant cloud computing environment that meets financial security and regulatory requirements

Improve Security & Maintain Compliance

Count on our stringent managed security protection to ensure the safety and integrity of your critical information and assets. Our integrated services and solutions monitor, analyze, and manage the security of your internal network and systems.

Boost Productivity

We make sure your technology is continuously running at peak performance so your employees can get more done and respond to clients fast.

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