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As a local, privately-owned small business ourselves, we understand how important effective, on-time IT solutions are in keeping your business vigorous and growing. We are dedicated to helping our clients grow their businesses by delivering customized IT solutions that increase productivity, decrease risk, and provide measurable value.

Education IT Support

Secure Managed IT for Safer Schools

Why Should Your School Invest in Managed IT?

Your computers will get gummed up.
Your students will get into things that they shouldn’t.
Your staff will not have the time to troubleshoot IT issues properly.

Managed IT Means Less Maintenance

From lost applications and server outages to the inevitable virus or spilled soda, technology mishaps are inevitable when students are involved, and if you try to DIY your school’s IT, you’re simply wasting your time troubleshooting and learning how to solve today’s problem when tomorrow’s problem is just around the corner. When you work with a managed IT provider like Link High, you don’t have to deal with these problems – that’s what we’re for.

Device Management
Improved Security
Server Upkeep

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Benefits of Education IT Support from Link High Technologies

We understand that uptime is crucial for schools to be able to provide the best possible learning experience for students. Our key insight is just one of the reasons Link High earns A+ across the board when it comes to efficient, affordable IT services for educational institutions.

Focused Students

Less downtime means more productive students, faculty, and administration. Our proactive service finds and resolves issues before they can cause disruption..

Complete Protection

Our years of experience allow us to deliver a wealth of knowledge in safeguarding strategies, technologies, and policies to keep your students and your school secure.

Educated = Empowered

We provide education IT support so your teachers can make the most of every tool and deliver an exceptional learning experience.

Leading-Edge Learning

Link High gives you access to the latest, most innovative technology to enable higher levels of learning, attract top students and faculty, and provide students with every career advantage.

It’s Time to Take Your IT to the Next Level

It’s time for Link High to become your managed IT provider.

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