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Is Your Company’s Desktop Managed Properly?


Is your company’s desktop managed properly? In the age of the remote workplace, more and more businesses are supplying employees with laptops to “work from home” if they need to. Many jobs are wholly remote, so a laptop is absolutely essential. But, whether people are using desktops, laptops, or company phones, all devices are gateways to the other side of the internet saturated in cyber crime.

Managing all of these company devices—desktop management—can be quite a beast to tackle. Staying up-to-date with installations and upgrades. Training users on how to properly use newly installed applications involves serious user account control. Around-the-clock monitoring. Installing/uninstalling applications. Configuring parental controls—the list goes on. With a team of experts to serve as administrators, successful desktop management is achievable. Fortunately, this can be even more efficient with help from a managed services provider. Learn more about desktop management and if your company’s desktop is managed properly in our video or by visiting https://www.linkhigh.com

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