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Companies use Microsoft Teams to keep employees connected and workflows managed, but some wonder about data and document security. It’s not uncommon to struggle with SharePoint expertise, compliance recording and overall MS Teams project management efficiency. Addressing these issues can be easier than you think, though, and the unmatched benefits of working in Teams and Microsoft 365 are undeniable. Here are some common issues with Teams, and simple solutions.

Top 5 Issues With Teams and SharePoint

1. Document Security Issues with Microsoft 365

In a digital workspace, it’s crucial that documents are managed and kept secure through every stage of the workflow. This includes sharing and editing permissions that may need an expiry date, as well as version histories and compliance recording.

Data encryption with Microsoft Teams is solid, but you’ll need the paid tiers for more advanced security tools and to secure large amounts of data. M365 also allows for restricted document access for private document sharing with authorized users. However, the interface can be confusing and, again, reduce adoption of the full functionality necessary for a truly secure document system.

To truly guarantee the security of their documents and data, companies do well to add Titan Workspace for Teams. It’s easy-to-adopt and applies advanced security protocols that keep your documents and data safer.

2. Document Workflow Issues

Power Platform and SharePoint are powerful tools, yet users struggle to adopt them because of their complexity. You’ll need some technical know-how to get the most out of Microsoft Teams, and you may need to spend a fair amount of money on custom development. Alternatively, you can add Titan Workspace. The Titan user interface actually makes it easy to produce no-code workflow automations for M365—without hiring a developer.

3. File Structure Issues

Depending on each user’s technical skills, navigating the Microsoft 365 file management system can present challenges. As a result, employees may be slow to adopt. Simplifying file navigation fixes this issue immediately. To improve the user experience, look into Titan Workspace’s custom dashboard, where collaborators can visually organize document sources to make searching and retrieving files faster.

4. “We Couldn’t Sign You In”

Trying to log into Teams and seeing the message “We couldn’t sign you in”? Luckily, this doesn’t happen often, but if it does, try these fixes to get you back up and running quickly:

  1. Restart Microsoft Teams on your computer
  2. Run Microsoft Teams as an administrator
  3. Check system time and date
  4. Disable Proxy in Windows Settings (open Windows 11/10 Settings and go to “Network & internet > Proxy.)
  5. Clear the cache files of the Microsoft Teams app
  6. Remove Password from Credential Manager
  7. Clear browser cache
  8. Repair Microsoft Teams (Open Windows 11/10 Settings. Go to “Apps > Apps & features.” Select Microsoft Teams and click on the Advanced options link. In Windows 11, you will see the Advanced options after clicking on the three vertical dots next to Microsoft Teams. Scroll down and click Repair.)
  9. Reinstall Microsoft Teams
  10. Create a new user account
5. Microsoft Teams is Down

Rarely, Teams may be down for scheduled maintenance or an internal issue. In this case, waiting it out is all you can do. Microsoft historically resolves these problems quickly, so you probably won’t need to wait long.

To check if Microsoft Teams is down, visit the Microsoft 365 Status page or the M365 Status Twitter account. You can also check the official Microsoft Teams Twitter account or search for the #MicrosoftTeams hashtag.

Other Microsoft 365 Issues And Solutions

Document Management Issues

You want your documents to remain easily retrievable, accessible to only the right parties, and simple to share. M365 has everything small and large companies need for messaging, conferencing, and file sharing in one comprehensive package, but skilled navigation and proper use of all these tools require weeks of training.

Some companies go so far as to hire a dedicated IT manager to help improve ROI on their Microsoft Teams investment. Smart companies simply add the industry’s best collaboration tool, Titan Workspace, to streamline these processes. Through Titan’s secure document portal, companies stay competitive and cost efficient, facilitating better collaboration among all parties.

Titan Workspace works hand-in-hand with Microsoft SharePoint, adding a host of feature-rich document management tools, including:

  • Easy-to-apply Document Permissions
  • Ensured Compliance
  • Easy E-Signatures
  • Offline Working
  • Document Approvals
Guest Access Issues with Microsoft SharePoint

Most companies need to collaborate easily and securely with vendors, partners, customers, subcontractors and more. Only with Titan’s Guest User Portal are you able to create a user profile with an end date—leveling up access security. You can easily manage compliance and security for guest users.

Dedicated portals allow guest users to more easily perform tasks, including document reviews, approvals and E-signature. Your internal users can share important documents with permissions to vendors and other guest users while maintaining the security of the documents. Everyone works within your secure portal.

Connecting a Remote Workforce with Microsoft 365

Companies want to ensure employees working from anywhere, on any device, can safely and easily collaborate. Once again, Titan Workspace has the solution—a unique Intranet portal on Microsoft Teams, including productivity and content management tools. Titan provides users with a seamless way to stay engaged through the Intranet. No deep technical expertise is needed to immediately get up and running using the portal, so you can start seeing ROI from your Microsoft 365 investment right away.

Issues Measuring Office365 Adoption and Consumption

You purchased Office365 with Microsoft Teams to improve productivity, but how do you measure its effectiveness? Out of box analytics in Office365 are neither comprehensive nor easy to use.

Titan Workspace offers analytics that provide an easy dashboard to monitor the usage and adoption for your Intranet and all collaboration tools. Titan Workspace analytics come with important analytical graphs, summary reports and detailed data which give a comprehensive view of usage both for web as well as mobile users.

Getting The Most ROI Out of Microsoft Teams

Titan Workspace is a digital workplace that gives more power to Microsoft Teams by adding key features of collaboration that Teams does not offer. It is developed by a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner having specializations in SharePoint and Office365.

To see if Titan Workspace is right for your company, contact Link High Technologies, the only official Northeast Partner for Titan Workspace. Link High is a US company with expertise in data security, compliance and managed IT—enabling you to get the most ROI out of your Microsoft Teams investment.

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